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ENTIRE legal company provides service of Extension of temporary residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons, who have reached the age of sixteen. Our advantages – individual approach and the lowest price.

An application for extension of a temporary residence permit by a foreigner or a stateless person shall be submitted in person or through a representative on the basis of a power of attorney. A foreigner or a stateless person receives a temporary residence permit in person.

Documents to extend your temporary residence permit

In order to extend the temporary residence permit, the following documents must be submitted to the territorial body of the Migration authority at the place of residence:

  1. General documents:
    1. Application form;
    2. Foreigner passport or stateless identity card (upon presentation returns) with type D visa (long-term visa), unless otherwise provided by law and international treaties of Ukraine, and copies of passport pages with personal data and visa (in if available);
    3. Translation into Ukrainian of the page of the passport document of the foreigner or the document certifying the stateless person with personal data, certified in accordance with the procedure established by law;
    4. Work permit of foreigners and stateless persons (upon presentation returns) and its copy; For foreigners and stateless persons, whose employment in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine is carried out without a work permit of foreigners and stateless persons, instead of such permission, an labour contract is submitted, and for persons having the status of a foreign Ukrainian, - labour contract and a certificate of a foreign Ukrainian;
    5. Petition (submission) of the receiving party (employer) [more details on the types of submission in p. 5-11 and p. 5 of the Law on the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons] with the obligation to inform the territorial body of Migration service of Ukraine at the place of registration of the certificate, the territorial body of the State Employment Service in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, oblasts, Kyiv and Sevastopol of termination of an employment contract (contract) with such foreigner or stateless person; The application must be on the official form of the legal entity with the signature of the Head and the stamp of the enterprise. It must also include the address of the accommodation provided to the foreigner for the purpose of residing and the obligation to cover the costs of stay in Ukraine (if the host party covers the costs);
    6. Health insurance policy, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine;
    7. A receipt for payment of the administrative fee and a state fee or a document confirming the existence of privileges for its payment;
    8. Four 3.5 x 4.5 cm photo cards on matte paper (it is allowed to submit photos in hats that do not hide the oval of the face of a person whose religious beliefs do not allow to appear before outsiders without hats, provided that in their passport documents they are depicted in hats);
    9. A copy of Identification tax code (if if available);
    10. Original temporary residence permit.
  2. Additional documents, which can be required for obtaining of temporary residence permit for foreigners and stateless persons, who are the founders and / or participants and / or beneficial owners of a legal entity incorporated in Ukraine and have arrived in Ukraine to control the activities of such legal entities (depending on the form of foreign investment):
    • Copy of the constituent document of the legal entity;
    • Information on the size of the share of the foreigner or stateless person - the founder (participant) of the legal entity in the amount of at least 100 thousand euros at the official exchange rate set by the National Bank of Ukraine at the date of making the foreign investment as a contribution to the authorized capital, if the foreign investment is made in monetary form;
    • Copy of the cargo customs declaration for movable property, transferred as a contribution to the authorized capital of the legal entity, and a copy of the act of acceptance-transfer of such property, if the foreign investment is made in the property form;
    • Copy of the act of acceptance-transfer of movable or immovable property, transferred as a contribution to the authorized capital of a legal entity, if the foreign investment is made in the property form, but at the same time such property is acquired in the territory of Ukraine;
    • Statement of securities account if the foreigner or stateless person is a shareholder of a joint stock company incorporated in Ukraine.

Additional documents must be certified by an authorized official of the legal entity.

Deadline for submission and consideration of the application

The application for the temporary residence permit of foreigners or stateless persons shall be submitted no later than 15 calendar days before the expiry of the temporary residence permit.

An extended temporary residence permit is issued within 15 days from the date of application for its registration.

The validity of the extended document

The period of validity of a temporary residence permit for a foreigner or a stateless person in Ukraine is 1 year, except in the following cases:

Price and term for extension of temporary residence permit

  • Administrative fee – 20 tax-free minimums
  • Payment of state duty – 2 tax-free minimums
  • Services – from 5000 UAH.
  • Form

Deadline - 15 working days

The following shall be exempt from the payment of duties:

Attention! Notary fees are charged separately.

By ordering a temporary residence permit at ENTIRE legal company, you are guaranteed to quickly be able to join your goal in Ukraine. The price will prove to be the most favorable, and the professionalism of lawyers and the range of services - the maximum.