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ENTIRE legal company provides service of Invitation for foreigner in Ukraine (from a legal entity). Our advantages are individual approach and advantageous price.

Invitation for foreigner (from a legal entity) is a document drawn up on the official letterhead of the company which is the basis for issuing a short-term type C visa at the diplomatic mission or consulate of Ukraine.

Invitation design blank

The form on which the invitation is issued must include:

  1. Registration number.
  2. Company number in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individuals - Entrepreneurs and Public Formations.
  3. Date and signature of authorized person + company seal.

The procedure for the invitation of foreigner in Ukraine

An invitation from a legal entity is submitted by a foreigner to a diplomatic mission or consulate of Ukraine abroad for a short-term visa C (business visa).

The period for which a foreigner can be invited may not exceed 90 days within 180 days. The visa may not exceed the validity of the foreigner's passport.

During residence in Ukraine, a foreigner may stay at the hotel. In this case, a copy of the reservation at the hotel where the foreigner will reside is also attached to the diplomatic mission or consular post of Ukraine. The reservation of the hotel must be for the whole period of stay of the foreigner specified in the invitation.

Documents for the invitation of foreigner in Ukraine

The following documents are required to draft an invitation to foreigners or stateless persons to Ukraine:

The following information should be added to the above documents:

To obtain a C visa, it is necessary to submit to the diplomatic mission or consular post of Ukraine the original of the notarized statement of invitation, together with a copy of the passport / residence permit of the receiving party. You can use any international mail such as DHL to send documents.

Information for company, which invites a foreigner: On the invitation, you need to put the outgoing number and register it in the log of outgoing correspondence.

Price and term of providing the services

Cost of service - from 1000 UAH.

Deadline - 1-2 working days

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